When beauty and well-being becomes a way of life

We aim to describe a new and pristine lifestyle, creating a quintessence of nature, a natural course of healing and reviving. 3Farm was born out of the idea that purity of food, water and the air is the basis of a healthy body and a happy mind. We are a team of people passionate about the earth and pure living, founded by two sisters who abide only by the rules of organic farming. Our methods are shaped by our experiences and observations. We long to make nature a way of life.

It was back in 2010, we started farming at our home farm in Coorg. We began growing fruits and vegetables in our coffee estate. What initially started out as something we did for our daily needs, soon became an obsession. As we realised, the call for fresh and clean food, we ventured out organic farming in a better way. In 2013, we started to experiment with different organic methods. We used 100% natural manures and bio wastes to grow our crops. Unlike the wide, open turmeric farm, our cultivation was an intercrop with the famous Coorg coffee plans. We distributed the supplies to our friends and families and soon, gained a lot of supporters. And thus, 3Farm Organic came into existence. Our only aim is to make health and beauty a way of life and we trust nature for its ability to provide the purest remedies.

We are big believers in the tradition that transferred from the generations. The use of turmeric for health and beauty purposes was passed on to us by our grandmothers. We follow these methods in our daily lives and we experience its benefits. Whenever we showed even the faintest sign of a skin problem, our mother would immediately apply a turmeric mix over it. In fact, turmeric was like the magic potion in our home and it still is. It essentially has a remedy for almost anything related to health and beauty. And we want to transfer the goodness of our traditions to the coming generations as well. Our concept and vision are purely based on our experiences and that’s exactly what 3Farm Organic wants to share to the world.